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Why Software Engineering?

What is the percentage of people in the world that knows how to code? It was a question I asked and did not know the answer, so I searched it. According to the internet, only approximately .5% of the world’s population knows how to code. Now, I am not sure how accurate that number is because it was found in 2015. Although I do not know the exact number, I know it is a very small percentage. I thought, how amazing would it be to learn something that not many people how to do. How amazing would it be to challenge myself and learn a skill that I have always been interested in. I wanted the opportunity to be able to experience the feeling of being able to code and produce a product. This field provides an opportunity of challenges on a daily, having to constantly learn something new.

I am someone who strive to always challenge and better myself no matter where I am in life. SE is a field that I have always been intrigue by and I learned a bit more about it after graduating from college. I told myself I was not going back to school for another four years, so I put the though in the back of my head. I came across a Youtube video, where the young lady spoke about teaching herself how to code and I was absolutely amazed. I began doing research and found that it is common for people to learn coding later on in life, whether they take the “self-taught” route or attend a bootcamp. The bootcamp route definitely caught my attention and I began diving in a bit more to learn about the process. I spoke to an IT supervisor, who is also self-taught and asked him for his advice in regards to how I could embark on such a journey. He suggested that I download some coding apps in order to get more hands-on coding experience. I downloaded grasshopper, tried it for a few weeks and loved it! It was difficult and I definitely struggled but I still loved it. It provided a challenge and allowed me to use my creative outlet.

Taking on such a challenge is absolutely scary, nerve wrecking and emotional. Here you are, about to embark on a journey that you know nothing about and do not know what to expect. With that being said, we can not allow fear to stop us from pursuing the goals we have for ourselves. Sometimes in life, we just have to dive all in and see what happens. Never let fear stop you from achieving your dreams.